My bio in a nutshell

Welcome at my food blog. Thank you for being here and taking part of this great experience with me… letting me share my passion for cooking and writing. I started this blog so I could write down my recipes but it seems like it is also taking me into something new…

I left Hungary in 1991, moved to the United States and married my husband who is an American. We now live in the Midwest, Minnesota. We have 2 kids who are fabulous cooks. I studied Clinical Exercise Physiology and Herbology. I basically learnt how to cook on my own. OK I did call my mom when I had questions back when a call to Hungary was 1 dollar a minute. Also, I bought many cookbooks that have been helpful but have to admit that I really enjoy making up my own dishes and not use recipes.

My writings will reflect my passion for plants, history and of course my joy for cooking. I will post recipes so you can cook with the seasons, use all the vegetables and fruits that are locally available.  My cooking philosophy is simple: get the best ingredients and make them with devotion. I believe this way you can turn the most simple ingredients into amazing meals. I hope my recipes will inspire you to cook and have fun in the kitchen.

I will be posting recipes that we have been enjoying throughout the years. These recipes will be home-made Hungarian, American and dishes from other countries that are tasty, healthy and probably fit the frugal definition. I will have meat and vegetarian dishes and desserts. I am hoping they will not just nourish your body but your soul too. Please sign up for my future recipes.

I am using my own articles and pictures on this blog so please do not copy them without citing.

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